YUM YUM 20.01.2006

YUM YUM Top Ten January 2006

1. Feel Good Mary – Mary J Blige vs Gorillaz
(YUM YUM version)

2. “No one takes your Freedomâ€?
Beatles vs Scissor Sisters
3. The Workout� Mos Def vs Average White Band (Gamm Rmx)
4. Random House Party�
Lady Sovereign vs Fred Wesley
5. Hit the Road Jackâ€? Drum Edit – Haikarate funk
This Friday (the 20th) we have our second YUM YUM in January coming up, with Marek as the 2 nd Dj of the night and I am looking forward to playing with another open minded guy, and so here’s our promised YUM YUM charts for January 2006.
They were postponed for the mere reason that we had and still have our 2005 Top Ten online. Check both out. Post more on Wednesday, Enjoy this months No. 1 and that Sly Stone clip and the rest of the News. A lot of funnies today. Always us kids..

YUM YUM 07.01.2006

Wow, last Fridays YUM YUM was through the roof.. I can hardly express how much fun I had and I guess about everyone on the floor, which didn’t stop moving and being packed for about 20 minutes after we switched on the light. You really had to stop the music – for people to even consider leaving the spot. New Dubplates were coming through like the climate change. Especially that new Mary J. Blige vs Gorillaz mix I did on Friday. Once again produced it, mixed it down, cut it as a plate and played it the very same night. It went down brutally good, while everybody knows the new Mary track to be a slow jam – I gave it an uptempo twist with that infamous Gorillaz break from Feel Good Inc. People are totally up on this one. This one is sure to make the top spot for Januarys YUM YUM top tunes. Here you have it as an advanced download: Mary J Blige vs Feel good Inc . This here is what the original Mary track sounds like in case you haven’t heard it yet.. )Ps see you in 2 weeks – when the next one is on. Thank you for making us work this place like no other.

YUM YUM Year End TOP TEN 31.12.2005

YUM YUM Top Ten 2005 – in no particular order
1. “Drop it like it’s lonelyâ€? Snoop vs the Police
2. “Can I ring it like that?â€? White Stripes vs Pharrell
3. “Signs & Miraclesâ€? Snoop vs Jackson Sisters
4. “Jamaican Jerk Offâ€? Jill Scott – Gamm Rmx

5. “Ain’t no Mountain high enoughâ€? Marvin Gaye re-edit
6. “Karmastitiousâ€? Alicia Keys vs Stevie Wonder
7. “Gone Re-editâ€? Jack Johnson Re-edit
8. “Unfinished Thingâ€? Massive Attack vs Amerie
9. “Hate it or Love itâ€? Mary J. Blige
10. “Mr Big Stuffâ€? vs John Legend

YUM YUM 16.12.2005

Thanks for coming by last Friday on our last YUM YUM of this year. (it ll turn 06 soon enough). Great night and our guest Schowi did a great job and we made sure to have him back over soon enough.
The Floor was packed till 6.30 in the morning and from what I heard we were the only night in all of the city that was packed. Thnx. We’ll be back on January the 6th, but before that, we will have a Christmas present here for you on the 25th.
And after that, by the mid of next February, namely the 18th we’ll be having our first regular YUM YUM in NRW, namely Duisburg’s Hundertmeister. The spot and the crowd there is very reminiscent of our current location in Munich . It’ll be a monthly residency and
it’ll go down every 3rd Saturday of the month.
But there is even more happening..
And more on that soon enough.

YUM YUM 02.12.2005

To sum it up: What a nice band, what a great voice and how smooth can you get? Virginia Nascimentos live gig was outstanding. People turned up late – why? Simple – 3 words: winter – too- cold. But we had a major bash and somehow we had an odd bunch of dj’s. After my set of 2 – 3 hours, Flo Keller, Henry, Benji & i think even Jay Scarlet were all getting into it. And what a far-out mix it turned out to be. It was buttery nonetheless and the YUM YUM catalogue of homegrown tunes is rapidly growing. Stay put for YUM YUM on Dec 16th, when Schowi comes down for an exclusive. Cheers and thanks for making it mine.Wish i could write more but i am still wasted and half way sleeping from this heavy weekend.
1. Z-Trip’s *Motown Breakdown*
2. Ciara’s *Oh- Kingston edit*
3. Dido’s *Closer – Island vibe version*
4. *Ludacris vs Sugar on my tongue*
5. Jay-Z vs A-Ha * Papi on me*