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This week we sat down with Munichs own Jean Blanc and talked about this and that, while having a Chai at our favourite Cafe ‘Trachtenvogl’. Listen to his music below.

1) What’s your dream festival to play?

Mh I haven’t really thought about that yet, but Coachella Festival would be really awesome!

2) Can you explain what your genre of House music is? When I associate House, I think of the thumping, pulsating sounds. Your tunes are different in that I can listen to you guys on a Sunday afternoon drinking on the beach.

Yes for sure. I would say melodic house! I love it to play the “be happy” sound and all the postive vibes. This is my way to make the audience feel good! You can listen to this genre everywhere and anytime.

3) What is a singer, male or female, you would like to collaborate with?

Oh, that’s a good question. There are so many good singers. But most of all I would look forward to a collaboration with James Hersey.

4) What should we be listening to? your favourite apps?

Instagram. I love it to have a look at all the pictures when I ‘m on the road. Of course it´s cool too, to share pictures with all my friends.

5) in a perfect world there would be… ?

No war, happy people and a lot of a good music.

6) five artists you follow on spotify, soundcloud, hypem, facebook, instagram (can be anything from a drug guru to a yoga instructor :)

Hehe, well one of my favorite artists i follow is Autograf from the Unitd States. They are doing incredible good stuff! Also Klingande, Sam Feldt, Alex Schulz and Sonnengruss! These are my five Artists to follow!

7) Which song do you sing under the shower when nobody can hear you?

Luke Christopher – Lot To Learn!

8) What’s your “there are 2 types of people in this world” answer? (maybe a bit too philosophical, but up to you)

In think there are natural people and indeed, the ones that aren’t what they are in the proper sense. Everyone should feel comfortable in his body and not pretend to be maybe a better one. Be yourself and enjoy every day!

9) What kind of personal routine is important to you?

Always maintain the relationship with my family and my friends. Cause there are no more important people in the world like these ones!

10) 1 Movie and 1 Song that describe your life so far… ( or characterized your life, not sure how to say in english)

That’s not so easy to say. A film that reflects that, I don´t know. I’ll try to explain it a little time, as the film might look like. The film would be a simple boy who drags life through himself. And
makes his hobby into a profession. Song: “Tom Rosenthal – Go Solo”. The title describes it quite well.

11) with whom would like to have dinner one day (can be dead or alive) and what would you guys order to eat?

Thomas Jack. I want to see him soon cause he´s the relaxation in person and super sympathetic!