Stromae “Alors on Danse” Remix ft Mr Santos



Damn you must be mad at me for not checking my mails and the many mp3s and msuic you have sent me. At the last count it was way over 150 unanswered new tracks i got sent, but i was reaaaal busy and will get to it as soon as i get a break. Anyway, YUM YUM affiliate and buddy passion sent me this remix/edit he did of Stromaes ginormous hit “Alors on Danse” ft Mr Santos, whom some of you will remember as Ju from the Massive Töne days. Nice mix of German/ French Vocals on one of the tunes of this fall and really good to see that Ju hasn’t lost his Mojo. Great YUM YUM version, thx @Passion. Have fun folks.


Alors On Danse – Stromae (Remix ft Mr Santos)