YUM YUM Freiburg /// 1st anniversary and still going strong

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YUM YUM Freiburg - Saturday, May 12th 2012

YUM YUM pumping a muscle in south Germany and I’m not talking about Munich this time. One year ago Chris and his entire crew invited us to ye olde Bootshaus and to be honest: we kinda had a ruff start but oh boy we were getting there. Since we moved into the Jazzhaus YUM YUM became one of the top nights within Freiburg and a household name within the whole area.

I was lucky enough to play at both spots and we had mad fun! I think there is a video of me and Dan Gerous somewhere on the internets but unfortunately it has been edited and Dan looks somewhat like a zombie vampire with stars in his eyes… so I hope for your understanding if I do not post a link here ;)

Anyway, this Saturday you will be in for a treat when the Avengers (aka Max Mausser, Dan Gerous and Funk Messiah) assemble (!) and deliver you the latest in YUM YUM music and sound. Here’s a link to this month’s YUM YUM Top Tunes so you know what you’ll sign up for.

And remember: friendly is still the key.

PS: Here is a link to a Facebook event so you can RSVP if you’re into such things.