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Happy Birthday Chromemusic! 7 x 7! Seven new Mixtapes by our people, Love, Love, love

Chromemusic turns 7 today! And we are having a celebration tonight for our family & friends and i guess we are gonna have too much fun like Charlie Murphy (facebook addicts go here). And here, are as promised, 7 new mixtapes by most of our djs (act. 8), of course some are still missing but who cares. And we just realized  like 3 days ago that this weeknds our 7th anniversary with the website, so thanks to everyone involved for doing this on such short notice, inbetween traveling, working, love affairs, studying, break ups, moving houses and what not. The results are amazing. Schowi even did his mixtape on a train! And i had to lend a helping hand (recording wise) to some of our guys so there was zero time for a mix of mine, but i just put this one (YUM YUM The Dude Mix) online last week so no complaining k? You are gonna like what our guys had to offer. PS We are gonna do this again and way more often, cause its just too much fun!!! Proud of my people right here, aaaand as always LISTEN, LOVE & DOWNLOAD


“the little dude” Mix by Deniz (D-nice)

Deniz, the little Dude, seems to have grown up, according to his brilliant mix!


“old no 7” Mix by Tand Williams

Veteran Tand comes with the 7 y matured YUM YUM classic set! Love, love, love


“Schowi’s QuickNotMix”

Schowi did this one on 2 trainrides, while talking to me on the phone and finishing our überawesome compilation! Pure class as usual!


“living the life” Mix by Marki

Marki, our newest blogger, enjoys the finer things in life. Fine wine of a mix with a lot of soul. Done in one take!


“7 years chromemusic” Mix by Dan Gerous

Mostly exclusives by veteran and Earl Hickey look-a-like Dan. Mostly fabulous exclusives with a lot of Moombah to it!


“classic YUM YUM warm up” Mix by Notfx

I remember getting into everyones face for the guys not knowing how to play a proper warmup. Lesson learned! Tip of my hat Sir!


“106 Miles to Chicago” Mix by Max Mausser

Wow! This is Belushi & Akroyd on the road! YUM YUM veteran Max past times favourites! Title says it all! Thx Max, you did us all a favour!


“lucky no 7” Mix by Tommy Montana

Tommy delivers a soulful mix done in grace by a graceful connoisseur!

Remember to be free, to let life live you & be mindful in whatever you do and you can have peace right here right now! Thank you all for being who you are. Truly unique but all the same. Love, love, love

(this is truly the only existing photo with all of us on it, finishing dinner before a show, but still a few missing – me, palina, kami, steffen, actually a whole lot missing, but everyone who contributed a mixtape is on this picture, one way or another..)

ps all tracklists after the jump

chromemusic Party this Saturday @ UAMO Art Festival / Togalwerk Munich

This Saturday you need to tie your dancing shoes cause we are throwing a brand new chrome music party @ the UAMO Art Festival, like we did in previous years and it always went down a storm. Its not a YUM YUM party this year, even though the location is amazing, its still not big enough to host a YUM YUM party, so we decided to make it a chrome music party cause we wanted to play at the Art Fest and in those spectacular rooms. Think of an old laboratory, with a mad scientist and what not. I mean we literally found pills, test tubes, chemicals and other weird stuff, just lying around in that old abandoned factory. Its like they left that place in a hurry (meth lab?).

Music will be the sounds we are known for and the sounds you get to hear on our latest YUM YUM mixtape “the Dude”, so nothings changed just the name of the party! Djs will be chrome, not:fx & d-nice on the 1st floor and our buddies danny & taran from our jazzy & soulful partner musicblog bklyn hosting the 2nd floor. Make sure to show up early, this will be a massive blast and we ll make sure to nice up the dance!

Rsvp on facebook if you want to (anybody still using facebook actively?) or just show up

How to get to the party (via google maps)

We will give out a few tickets in our newest Newsletter tomorrow. So sign up and we’ll promise to bother you only once a month to let you know what parties we are throwing and when. PS new YUM YUM Mixtape will be online this Friday as well, so look out weekend here we come. Make sure to show up early, will be a huge night.

Ps Duh! Its called blogger party bc Floor 1 is run by the chrome music djs and Floor 2 is run by the bklyn crew. Get it?

this Sunday: Chromemusic bloggers delight Party @ Art Babel


On sunday there is a short notice Chromemusic  Party going down at Art Babel (Karlstrasse 47a) in Munich.
RSVP to the party on Facebook, if you still feel like using facebook, if not just drop by and get your groove on. Last night of Oktoberfest and a Holiday on Monday. So Pandamonium happening in the city anyways, but please let us Nice up the dance! as we always do! Other parties that night are pretty much all happening on some Oktoberfest crap and are purely some tourist shit, that’s why we threw this one together within two days (the three of us felt liek going out on sunday, but no place to go). Good thing Art Babel had nothig going on, so here we are.

Anyhow, busy week for me, after playing the aftershow party at Bundesvision Song Contest (and we played with an attitude to match) on Thursday and playing our very first show with our Dj/Live Band Combo in Hamburg on Friday it’s back to the proper Dj duties in Munich this Sunday, with Max returning from YUM YUM Cologne and D-Nice on his way back from god knows where.

This one’s a family thing and i am happy to play with my folks again. See you in bit. And yes once again: We’ll nice up the dance on Sunday

The party starts at 11pm, djs R us: Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice. fee is 6 and yes, we’ll play the latest YUM YUM Top Tunes and our favourites in current set & sound!

Here is mellow little jam that i like to play in the early hours:


The FreeStyle MellowShip – Dancing Skulls

★★★★★ recap: YUM YUM Sommerfest Video

Here is our video recap of last weekends YUM YUM Sommerfest. Almost all our Djs & peoples came together to play music with each other, have a drink too much, celebrate the remaining days of summer, come together as the family we are and enjoy life as we always do. It was a marvelous night to say the least and we will do this more often.

Thanks to: everybody at chromemusic, Max Mausser, Schowi, Tand Williams, Palina Power, D-Nice, Irving Jr, Caro, Coco, Tipura, the Girls @ Chicas, Katha, Lü & Omid & Idris, Gökhan, Taran & Suhur, Danny & everybody @ Bklyn, Andre, Andi, Roland, Deneb, Row, Jane, Angelika, Sara, Jesse and everybody else involved in YUM YUM. way too many to mention.

The video is done by our friends & close YUM YUM affiliates Haze, who will be working with us much more in the near future. Hope you like the video as much as i do.

PS there is a 2nd video coming in the next few days if we have enough good material left. song by jai paul

YUM YUM Munich this Friday June 3rd @ Praterinsel

This Friday, June 3rd its back on and another massive dance awaits you + a great outdoors area n beergarden.

After the last date at Praterinsel i simply couldnt wait for another new date! We’ve had seen many events at Praterinsel but this was by far the best. All it took was for us to do everything ourselves. So the first time at Praterinsel (april 1st) was horrible, simply cause the PA was sucking, the wardrobe wasnt working and so on, but last time – the second time (End of April) everything worked out briliantly. All it took was for us to do everything ourselves, instead of letting other people (who claim to be PROfessionals) do the rest. The last time at Praterinsel was the best sounding night (accoustically, PA wise), i ever had at that location – PERIOD. The Outdoor area + beergarden are tremendous when done right (last time) and even a proper airconditionig was hooked up, and check out this post i wrote the last time, but didnt publish… (its published now, set an older date – sp pls feel free to share)

People were dropping us comments & mesages, left and right saying that this was the best one, ever since Registratur. check out all the comments dropped on our various YUM YUM pages on facebook (100% super UBERpositive!!). Thank you all we had a blast and we are hooked now on doing everything ourselves!

RSVP to the Party on Facebook —- and here’s how to get to Praterinsel via gmaps

Be in for a massive night and bring a friend to the dance! Djs will be Chrome, Max Mausser & D-Nice and we’ll make sure to nice up your dance!!

FREE GIVEAWAYS: The first couple of hundred guests will receive our new YUM YUM Mix CD – Sunshine Inside (Spring 2011). Make sure to be there early and get the physical thing, a collectors item and always a difference to an mp3.

RETURN: PS From this friday on we will have reviews of our nights again, every Monday morning + the return of YUM YUM comic books and of course proper party pictures to begin with.

Here are 3 smooth tunes to get you started + New YUM YUM top tunes online tomorrow.

Mayer Hawthorne – Work to do

The Flavour – Sex on Fire

[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2011/04/Edward-Sharpe-The-Magnetic-Zeros-Home.mp3] Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros – Home

YUM YUM Freiburg #2 coming up on Friday

May 20th 2011
Waldsee-Gaststätten (via Google Maps)
Max Mausser // D-Nice // Funkmessiah!
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Top Tunes Mai

Can’t believe that the great Opening is already three weeks in the past!
This friday D-Nice is coming again and brings Max Mausser with him to have a blast together with Funkmessiah and to bring us another YUM YUMesque evening full of joy.

Aloe Blacc – 99 Problems x Can’t Tell Me Nothing (Jay-Z/Kanye Cover)