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Ingolstadt meets YUM YUM this Saturday

This Saturday YUM YUM Ingolstadt has a double premiere!
It’s not just the first time for DJ Busy Fingaz – of the infamous Wax Wreckaz from Innsbruck – who is serving you with the best and finest new tunes, but D-Nice – resident DJ at the Crux Club in Munich – and reknown for his delicious sets.
So get hyped for some nice electronic hip hop chromemusic tunes.

See you at Maki Club on Saturday!

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New YUM YUM NRW tonight @ 100Meister

YUM YUM NRW tonight @ 100Meister

It’s already that time of the month again and we’re happy to celebrate June’s YUM YUM with all our dear friends and a lot of smiling faces. DJ duties for the night will be up to Tand Williams (that would be me) and D-Nice (who’s down @ 100Meister for the first time). So make him a warm welcome. We’re really looking forward to another edition of HUG LIFE by taking the sunshine right from the streets and put it into your hearts. See you there.

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[audio:http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/How-Gee.mp3|titles=Black Machine – How Gee]

Black Machine – How Gee

chromemusic pres: CHIDDY BANG live in Munich this Sunday

check out their mighty nice video of “Kids”

Yes hands down, i am really looking forward to seeing these guys live. I found out about Chiddy Bang, i’d say about a year and a half ago, maybe longer. Not much after that, Xaphoon the producer started sending me promo mp3s of their latest tunes and mixtapes – you know how that game goes. And its really good to see them get around a bit internationally – not only on tour, but to currently reach the UK Charts and also the German Charts, cause not only to me are they probably the coolest new hip hop band around. Their sound is different, they sample Radiohead, Hot Chip, MGMT add some fine synth sounds and have some really nice rhymes on top…..and thats exactly how they made it on May 2009 mixtape YUM YUM Vol. 9.

So this Sunday they are playing live – for the first time in Germany !!! (like Stromae did @ YUM YUM in Berlin) – come down to see them perform live this Sunday in munich, i really wanted them to play live @ YUM YUM but we simply couldn’t find any matching dates. Anyways, thank god Mondays a holiday so this is gonna be a long night with my peoples Max Mausser & D-Nice taking over the turntables after the show and making it a great Sunday night venue. This is gonna be massive

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YUM YUM Würzburg Review

It´s been a while since I´ve been to Würzburg, but one thing I remember for sure is Norwig and Simons drinking  motivation skills. Being well prepared we arrived with a belly filled to the max and crates full of YUM YUM  goodies. After a slow start the Club was filled by 1 a.m. and a good party was on it´s way. D-Nice played his first set  at a YUM YUM party and he did a pretty good job. The Dancefloor was packed till 6 o´clock in the morning allthough closing time would have been one hour earlier. So it looks like the people of Würzburg  enjoyed this one! Thanks to everyone who showed up and YUM YUM Würzburg will return on February 27th with DJ Kamikaze on the wheels of steel

Loft in Music

Loft in Music (this friday – if you dont wanna get) Lost in Munich

These are some close friends of ours who are playing at Loft this Friday, before the place closes down in 2 weeks, sadly enough. So enjoy the last days in this mad venue with these likeable 4 guys on the tables. All 4 of them at times play at our parties and even play @ out of town YUM YUMs, so you see how much trust i put in them. Be there if your in the area, for them guys playing and ps you gotta see this beautiful joint.  Anyway – i’ll be like fifty and you know where you can find me..

Here is the party on Facebook – Rsvp now (just kidding)

Here is some music from the Generic People Djs from Cork City, and you guys might dig these tunes and play them out loud on friday. check the GP Djs out on ::::myspace::::souncloud::::


Paper Planes -Generic People Mix 200


Train in Vain Generic People’s DJ Ed