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Maggie Rogers – Alaska (SAXITY Remix)

Saxity came up with a beautiful new remix of the young and talented Maggie Rogers‘ and her outstanding first song “Alaska” a few days ago. If you haven’t already seen the video where she’s introduced her song to Pharrell, and he gives an honest feedback, you shall do this and make sure to add the Original Track and Lakechild’s Remix to your soundcloud playlists, too. Saxity‘s remix stays close to the original and is a very danceable catchy song. Well done!

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FlyBoy & The Onyx Twins – I Will Be Ok (feat. Coby Grant) makes you want to move

I discovered Flyboy not too long ago. Maybe some 6-8 months ago and found his nice approach to remixing tunes always borderline genius. It was a no-brainer that he had to come up with an official release, an original, and he did it for our little label. And even this first one is already a winner. He, like so many of the young talented cats ie Deep Chills, seems to be at his best when he has something to build on, and in this case it was Coby Grants beautifully, laced and thought through vocals and the Onyx Twins great groove. The track is epic and sounds like a warm mid summer night, that soothes all the mindfuck, that might suggest that something’s not ok… hence the title… cause everything will be ok!

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One might bemoan, and mostly the artists themselves, that it’s a deep house tune, well i am from the generation that was dealing in proper Deep House, and i guarantee you that is simply a sweet jazzy Swing Pop tune with an infectious horn hook, nothing even close to Deep House in its original form. So that’s that! This will be here with us for this summer and maybe even beyond. It’s been out for a minute and already entered the portuguese iTunes charts and even the top ten dance charts. And this is exactly where it needs to be, cause this is where europe spends his summers. Spain, Portugal and Italy need to pump it and then it comes back to central EU. Pretty much what happened with Milky Chance and all the likes in recent years. So, i am keeping my fingers crossed for Flyboy, who is still a very young guy and of course still shy and skeptical of his each and every step, but with a very clear vision. Enjoy the tune and support his first official release!

This could work as an reggae-esque, moombah grooved, afrobeats pumping, electronic rerub… And you know that you have a good song at hand, when people contemplate about remixing it. So i guess let the remixes begin…


Niklas Ibach – Own Song feat. Anna Leyne


Niklas Ibach is steady growing and today we’re honored to present his first official release called “Own Song”. His remixes are unique in any kind of way and so is his first original song featuring singer/songwriter Anna Leyne. Since we’ve heard his ‘Dota- Hungry Remix‘ two years ago for the first time, we’re (somehow) addicted to the musical spheres he creates. So, keep this young deep house producer on your radar if you don’t already know him, cause there is so much more to come and his journey has just begun.

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X Ambassadors – Unsteady [Lakechild Remix]

lakechild chromemusic

It has been quiet about Lakechild over the last couple of months. Exploring different styles and diving into different projects our two friends kept themselves busy with productions and finding new paths to go. But no matter what they do, when it comes to Remixes and picking the right Originals you can count always on these two. Lakechild themselves are huge fans of X Ambassadors and the request for doing a remix didn’t let them feel hestitate for a second. Check out what Lakechild are into these days and enjoy Sam’s voice, the melancholy of the original and that warm low Hz sub that makes you tickle your stomach at night.

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