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Whitney Houston – Fine (LeMarquis & Tilka Remix)

This one goes out to all my DJ buddies + the ones i don’t know yet or haven’t played some records with. Hope you dig it! Outstanding remix of Whitney Houston‘s “Fine” by french producers LeMarquis & Tilka. Club-ready and mixable with nearly every track by Kaytranada beyond 110 bpm, for example. Have a great day!

>>> Free Download <<<

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Free Downloads! Kaytranada – Dontmesswithmymans & Go Ahead

A true YUM YUM dancefloor classic got it’s Kaytranada flip with Lucy Pearl’s ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’. Sweet tool for all the DJ’s out there. Make sure to grab your free .wav file. The second song ‘Go Ahead’ is also very useful for us and available as free .wav file as well – thanks Kaytra! We really appreciate that move. More free stuff on Kaytranada’s Soundcloud account. Happy Friday!

Kaytranada on Soundcloud ::: ChromeMusic

Towkio – Heaven Only Knows (Ft. Chance The Rapper, Lido & Eryn Allen Kane)

Haven’t heard a lot from Chicago based Towkio until this song dropped back in April 2015. This song is another example why we love Chance The Rapper cause he’s somehow one of the “realest mc’s” out there atm. This collabo harmonises pretty well including singer Eryn Allen Kane. Produced by Lido. Heaven knows the rest…

Towkio on Soundcloud ::: Twitter
Chance The Rapper on ChromeMusic
Lido on ChromeMusic