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YUM YUM Krefeld, Ingolstadt and Moscow coming up this Saturday


This Saturday Magnapop will be transformed into a big colourful YUM YUM Lollipop. DJs playing will be the dream team Max Mausser & Meskla who already teamed up three months ago and made quite an impact on the dancefloor. Early birds get gifts!

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Old location…new date! From now on every first saturday of the month YUM YUM Ingolstadt will be hosted. DJ duties this week are up to beloved friend Tand Williams supported by resident DJ Superior.

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Our dear friends from LBLFCKR are holding another great YUM YUM this Saturday and told us they were hoping to have another crowded and good mooded party. DJs this eve will be Maximali, Pasha Fookin’ & Two-Zero.

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Hoodie Allen “Dreams Up

this weekend YUM YUM Krefeld

 YUM YUM Krefeld November 6th
November 6th 2010
Magnapop (via Google Maps)
Tand Williams // Meskla
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The last YUM YUM in Krefeld was such a lovely night!

…On November 6th we would like to welcome Mr. Meskla who will join our main man Tand Williams on the next dates and lets see how that works out! We have our hope up high with this youngster as long as they are willing to learn from the vets (just kidding). But we have seen a lot of big names turn into a fail, when it comes to our set and sound. Ask one of the guys from Absolute Beginner (not saying no names).

We are excited to see how well Meskla has adapted to the YUM YUM set and sound and if he can bring the goods. ANYWAYS: Tand Williams running the show for sure to give the noob a YUM YUM backbone and occupy the prime times. Give him have a lovely start this Saturday in Krefeld @Magnapop. Doors open at 22h.

So don’t forget your dancing shoes, lollipops, pinky pants and what not you need to have good time, ;)

See you guys ♥

Taggy Matcher – Next Episode

October starts off with YUM YUM Krefeld

October starts off with YUM YUM Krefeld
Saturday, Oct 2nd
Magnapop, Krefeld (via Google Maps)
Max Mausser // Dan Gerous!
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Two weeks after the successful YUM YUM meets Bassport collabo, it’s time for pure YUM YUM again – looking forward to great sets by Max Mausser & Dan Gerous!
Because Dan being the first time to Krefeld all of you coming have to give him a blast and make an impression on our guy from Munich.
Both of ’em bring the last few shafts of sunlight while we start colouring up the leaves and look forward to some golden autumn days.
The first few guys and girls coming get another nice and famous mixtapes.
And keep in mind: The early bird catches the worm.

[haiku url=”http://www.chromemusic.de/wp-content/uploads/2010/08/California-Swag-District-Where-You-Are.mp3″ title=”California Swag District – Where You Are” graphical=”true”]

California Swag District – Where You Are

YUM YUM Krefeld

This Saturday YUM YUM takes place in Krefelds Magnapop for the second time, and the first party was really promising. Hope to see everyone in the greater area for big dance that night. DJ duties again will be up to Tand Williams and Max Mausser



YUM YUM NRW – Double Trouble

Iron Man returns and so do we – this Saturday. But first things first. Max Mausser and Tand Williams playing two gigs in a row. Starting off with a premiere in Krefeld at Magnapop on Wednesday. RSVP to the event right here and join our YUM YUM Krefeld group on Facebook as well.


Busy Signal – One More Night

Heading on to Duisburg on Saturday, May 15th to continue the carnage and of course to bring you the latest in YUM YUM music. RSVP right here and join our group if you digg!


lyrics born – i like it i love it

PS: Really looking forward to this one since I was pretty much destroyed the last time spinning due to volcano activity and traveling home all the way from Rome by train and car in 24 hours. I’m really sorry that the party was affected by this but there’s only so much I can do. Anyhow… now you see why I’m so eager to make it up to you guys. This is going to be massive!