YUM YUM NRW – Double Trouble

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Iron Man returns and so do we – this Saturday. But first things first. Max Mausser and Tand Williams playing two gigs in a row. Starting off with a premiere in Krefeld at Magnapop on Wednesday. RSVP to the event right here and join our YUM YUM Krefeld group on Facebook as well.


Busy Signal – One More Night

Heading on to Duisburg on Saturday, May 15th to continue the carnage and of course to bring you the latest in YUM YUM music. RSVP right here and join our group if you digg!


lyrics born – i like it i love it

PS: Really looking forward to this one since I was pretty much destroyed the last time spinning due to volcano activity and traveling home all the way from Rome by train and car in 24 hours. I’m really sorry that the party was affected by this but there’s only so much I can do. Anyhow… now you see why I’m so eager to make it up to you guys. This is going to be massive!