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our Dropbox is awesome!

We get sent so much music every single day, and we hardly have time to go through it, just by the sheer amount of it. I took some time out to check the latest stuff we got sent and honestly a huge percentage is simply not up my alley, but there is some great music along the mails. And here let me share some it with you. ps to all the artists and promoters, thx for sharing this material with our readers.

1. Lets start with the Soundcloud material

Benjamin Francis Leftwich:
Benjamin Francis Leftwich – Pictures by Mud Hut Digital

we have featured the Vacans before, here is their take on an old Nina Simone tune:
What’s a Woman To Do? (Feat Nina Simone) by Vancans

a fine glitch hop dubstep tune with some weird attitude to mit, like it:

J-Nolan delivers this nice hip hop tune
J.Nolan- How it Feels(prod. Tuelv) by manifestmovement

Nostalgia 77 is finally back with their new beautifull anthem “Simmerdown”
Nostalgia 77 – Simmerdown by Mud Hut Digital

awesome d&b remix of Claire McGuire, courtesy of Danny Byrd
Clare Maguire – The Last Dance (Danny Byrd Remix) by Radar Maker

another hip hop gem, by one of Hoodie Allens tour partners:
Give Me The World [Prod. Sinima] by ZAK! Downtown

Left Boys “Your Song” is definitely worth mentioning:
left boy- Your Song by LB PR


2. Material via Dwnld Sites and direct mp3s:

I) Good friend Maxey from Barcelona sent me his “Latin Flavored Fire Spring Strut” which you can buy here at Soul Seduction . Here is a teaser tune:


DJ_August-Har To The Low

II) Good old buddy Dj Vadim contacted me just recently, he found out who was behind these YUM YUM parties, lol and he was also attending one in Cologne, when i was there, but on a more (or less) serious note: The mans been busy as always and came up with a new album that he sent me through. The Project is called “The Electric” and we are gonna have a full on feature this week. Here is a tune i selected as a ashort preview:


The Electric – So Now You Know


3. Mixtapes we get sent

We get far too many mixtapes and i noticed this one cause it had a direct relation to us, since two of my tracks are featured on it. Too bad the soundcloud link wasnt shareable, i had to download it, then reupp it plus convert it to make it a bit smaller. too much handling fella, but anyways its a nice mix of tunes that i like and here is what Dj Create wrote: “Hey, I’ve been loving your blog for a while now, and there’s a few tracks on this mix that I originally found through you guys, so have a listen, let me know what you think!”

Dj Create – Message In A Bottle Mixtape

Tracklist via his Soundcloud site


4. Videos people send us

Some really entertaining material here – enjoy. start it off with a nice hip hop tune, thats way better than the video, but amateurism is the new professionalism, if i dare measure that by the black eyed peas Superbowl gig, lol. this guys reallly on point with this neat tune. ps dude send the mp3 through…

Nostalgia 77’s “Simmerdown” is simply awesome:




YUM YUM Folk Mixtape “Sweet Serenade Vol 3” a little bit mixed & compiled by chrome

Give you the heavens & the sunshine

Its been a year since our last Sweet Serenade, so it was way due. I had a few mixes worthy of the name, but this one was definitely the best one. If you think about taking a trip into the sun, put the sweet serenade mixes on your headphones and just enjoy the warm sunrays. This is the music i listen to when hanging in my yellow hamok and when travelling the sunny lands. thanks for listening and may peace be with you


1. Commençons par le plus important : Le Kamagra jelly n’est pas un médicament approuvé, contrairement au Viagra. “All i want is you” The Vespers
2. “I’ll be your pillow” Eliza Doolittle
3. “The Quiz” Hello Saferide
4. “Bulletproof” Ariel Sabaj
5. “Flake” Ben Harper & Jack Johnson
6. “Lay your head down” Keren Ann
7. “Mango Tree” Angus & Julia Stone
8. “When the night feels my song” Bedouin Soundclash
9. “If the stars were mine” Melody Gardot
10. “Heart of Glass” Lilly Allen
11. “Pulling on a line” Great Lake Swimmers
12. “Manic Monday” Ephemera
13. “Whatever you like” Anya Marina
14. “Walking down the line” Eileen Jewell
15. “Crossroad Demon Blues” Olivia Chrestomanci
16. “Bleeding Love” Mystery Jets
17. “Love you more” Alexi Murdoch
18. “Hey Ya” Sarah Blasko
19. “Ghosts” Laura Marling
20. “the Cave” Mumford & Sons
21. “I’m going down” Florence & the Machine ft Kid Harpoon
22. “In for the Kill” Kelis
23. “Send me an Angel” Emily Zisman & Ryan Avery
24. “Clementine” Sarah Jaffe
25. “Beautiful Day” Miranda Lee Richards

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Top Friend Mixtapes by Epik Sounds & Pasha Fookin

To prompt the new location of Top Friend Moscow, our friends from Russia, Epik Sounds & Pasha Fookin produced two nice promo mixtapes for all of you.
Listen to them and get prepared for the upcoming Top Friend parties all over Europe!

Top Friend Promo Mix by Epik Sounds

Epik Sounds
Top Friend promo mix:

1. War – Low Rider (DJ Kue Remix)
2. Top Billin – Playboy Anthem
3. Fake Blood – The Dozens
4. So Shifty ft. Ward 21 – Wine Har Rump
5. Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Remix)
6. DJ Rob 3 – Xplosion
7. Riva Starr – I Was Drunk
8. Fake Blood – I Think I Like It
9. So Shifty – Nowhere To Run To
10. Emynd – What About Tomorrow


Top Friend Promo Mix by Pasha Fookin

Pasha Fookin
Top Friends promo mix:

1. Daniel Haaksman -Pobum Coco
2. MJ Cole feat. Serocee – AO (Zed Bias Wind Up Mix)
3. DJ Eleven – Anson Danza
4. The Party Squad – Pull Up
5. Cookin’ Soul – Pon De Gossip
6. DJ LoKey – Get With This (Get Busy)
7. Yolanda Be Cool – Afro Nuts (Douster Remix)
8. The Party Squad – Murderer

YUM YUM Folk Mixtape “Sweet Serenade”


This CD was passed out at the last regular YUM YUM in Munich early June, but we only had 50 copies, so they were fast gone. Here is the full mix – i just “mixed” some of my favourite Folk, cover tracks together. (NOTE: you cant really call that mixed since it really is only minimal beatmatching – and these songs DO NOT HAVE BEATS).

Its a tape where everything is supposed to have an accoustic feel, no beat nothing thats demanding or is screaming for attention – to kick back relax and jut do nothing and just be. Enjoy my friends.


yum-yum-_”sweet-serenade” mix compiled by chrome


1. meiko – how lucky are we
2. matt costa – sunshine
3. free fallin – kings of convenience
4. doorbell – jack johnson
5. breathe –  alexi murdoch
6. word up – willis
7. train song – feist and ben gibbard
8. les artistes – lilly wood and the prick
9. starsong… what became of us – sylvia lewis
10. everywhere – vampire weekend
11. hiding – meiko
12. country road – jack johnson and paula fuga
13. the way i am – ingrid michaelson
14. sweeter than this – ketie herzig
15. blue mind – alexi murdoch
16. d.a.n.c.e. – get cape, wear, fly
17. i’ll kill her – soko
18. boys don’t cry – victor malloy
19. kids – the kooks
20. be ok – ingrid michaelson
21. everything is moving so fast – great lake swimmers
22. human – jonna lee
23. new romantic – laura marling
24. highschool stalker – hello saferide
25. ain’t no reason – brett dennen

All YUM YUM Mixtapes back online

All YUM YUM mixtapes are online, menu > music > mixtapes or check them out as podcasts.

We have calculted how many people have been introduced to the YUM YUM sound via online mixes, Cds and the external dowonload a la zshare. The number is freightening (our last upload on zshare alone had a mad 80.000 combined downloads – and that was on an external wordpress page). An incredible number when you consider that this was one of the many ways we offered them. running strong after such a long time. Great – the YUM YUM set and sound is changing as is everything, to stay ahead of teh game while maintaing the same attitude – and that has always been niceness…

so enjoy the mixes – past and present – enjoy a cool beer and kick back peoples…