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Short recap of last YUM YUM @ 100Meister

Well what can I say… last Saturday was off the hook and I’m still recovering. In fact we had to close the doors at around 1 AM because the club was that much packed packed. Max and I had such a blast and finally I got used to digital djing. Really freaked me out for a while… so thanks for making this one mine!

Unfortunately our photograph is MIA and I haven’t heard anything… so honestly I don’t know if there are any pictures. But if some occur I’ll sure post them. If you’ve shot some hook me up via tand@chromemusic.de.

In fact the place was so much crowded that we will rearrange the stage setting and move the dj booth back to the wall so people can actually dance on stage. Since the stage is crowded anyways this is no big deal to us but will give you some more room for your fancy footwork.

PS: Since I got that asked a lot… we’re also thinking about doing some Top Friend Stuff in the Ruhr Area. We’ll keep you posted abou that. Cheers.

YUM YUM this Saturday Nov 15th @ 100Meister

Now this one’s going to be off the hook. On Sat Nov 15th we will celebrate our November YUM YUM at Duisburg’s Hundertmeister. Doors will be open at 11 PM sharp as always. DJs of the night will be no one less than not:fx, Max Mausser and Tand Williams plus a special guest which not even I’m aware of by now. So you see you will be in for a treat with all the new YUM YUM sound and classic material. If you wonder what’s the occasion for having one quarter of the dirty dozen don’t worry… if you’ll already know… well… you know.

Till then please enjoy the whole blast of music posted below which can also be found here… there is plenty of it. And of course not to forget our YUM YUM Top Tunes for November.


SL2 – On A Ragga Tip (Original Mix)

PS: As last Friday in Munich the first 100 guests will receive the official YUM YUM ‘All I Can Do Is Love You’ Tour Mix CD (which starts on Nov 21st btw). So you’re better be an early bird (because the bird is the word). In case you will be abducted by aliens at the time you’ll find the mix in our very own podcast soon enough.