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Well what can I say… last Saturday was off the hook and I’m still recovering. In fact we had to close the doors at around 1 AM because the club was that much packed packed. Max and I had such a blast and finally I got used to digital djing. Really freaked me out for a while… so thanks for making this one mine!

Unfortunately our photograph is MIA and I haven’t heard anything… so honestly I don’t know if there are any pictures. But if some occur I’ll sure post them. If you’ve shot some hook me up via

In fact the place was so much crowded that we will rearrange the stage setting and move the dj booth back to the wall so people can actually dance on stage. Since the stage is crowded anyways this is no big deal to us but will give you some more room for your fancy footwork.

PS: Since I got that asked a lot… we’re also thinking about doing some Top Friend Stuff in the Ruhr Area. We’ll keep you posted abou that. Cheers.