YUM YUM Berlin is here – Sat Nov 29th @ Scala

Yes its finally taking off in Berlin on Saturday Nov 29th as a steady party – where my people Schowi, Ben Mono & Palina will be running ish. They are also the djs for the night with the slight exception of me and the second floor being Berlins “Cany Club” by good buddy San Gabriel & lovely Miss Emily aka Lily Flip. Let’s see how well things will run in Berlin @ Scala. I reckon this to be one of the nicest places in the entire city and since Schowi and Ben Mono are taking part in it, who are both YUM YUM veterans, it couldn’t be in better hands. So here’s a tune that just fits that whole vibe:



***just a quick note: YUM YUM is not a fixed conecpt

photo of a YUM YUM sticker

photo of yum yum sticker from flickr
photo of yum yum sticker from flickr

look what some friends found on flickr. a photo of an old YUM YUM sticker from someone who was travelling munich and came across this original and by now almost ancient sticker. she seemed to like it much. thx for so wonderfully appreciating our artwork. it is meant to be purely nice with no intentions to match the latest design trends. great find.

Lovely pic by the way, from Stacey Petersons flickr stream.

YUM YUM Frankfurt on Friday Nov 28th @ Walden

On Friday November 28th YUM YUM will be hitting Frankfurt. We’ll be playing at Walden, we get a lot of love and support from Julian Smith and my man Hannibal. Djs for that night will be Schu, Chrome, Schowi and FFMs main man Julian Smith. By the way – thats as far my own info goes… More as soon as i have gathered further intelligence. Whats a party PSA without at least one good tune?


Frontin – Pharrell & Roy Ayres (classic YUM YUM version 2004)

About the tune..

new YUM YUM “All i can do is love you” Tour Cd coming

yes there is  new YUM YUM mix on its way (too be honest its actually a couple ones coming), but this one will be handed out the same night everything goes down in Berlin, Frankfurt and Munich (Nov, 21st, 28th & 29th). it will be also available in our befriended shops the week after our mini-tour.and after that you’ll find it online.

one of the tracks from the new Mix Cd


Kanye vs MGMT “Electric Feel” Stevie 1nder & Mighty Mi mix

YUM YUM Nov 13th 11PM with DJ Anonymous (Helsinki) in Moscow

Helsinki’s very own DJ Anonymous has been a fixture on the local club scene since the early-90’s and on the radio waves since 1997, when he was commissioned to produce his first nationally broadcasted mix show (NOTE: together with DJ Didier, now producer for Nicole Willis & The Soul Investigators etc). He is the winner of numerous national DJ awards and is particularly known for his crowd rocking skills, deep musical knowledge and wide taste ranging from hip hop to house, from disco to dancehall and from the classic to the obscure.