YUM YUM Duisburg this Sat, Mar 21st

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Last YUM YUM in Duisburg which happened to be our 3rd anniversary over there went down like a storm and so will this one on upcoming Saturday Mar 21st with DJ duties up to Tand and not:fx.

If you haven’t already check out his latest remix of Soko’s I’ll kill her right here to get an idea of what you can expect that night besides all new material found below and of course Hilabytes¹ of classic YUM YUM sound.

Doors will be open by 11PM sharp and I can’t stress that enough because we had to turn down again so many people the last time since the club was packed by 1AM. So you better be an early bird.

Tell your friend and join our group on Facebook where you can as well RSVP to our event. If you’d like to take some pictures for us that night hit us on Facebook. You can also join our general YUM YUM page here.

¹Hilabytes = Hilarious Bytes (That’s right. I make up my own words!)