A short edit of my favourite tune at the moment. Just a quick little double timer for the djs, and all the folks who wanna incorporate this brilliant gem in a mix. Promised this to be online saturday, but the weather was marvelous and i had to take some time off to be for myself and so i chose aloneness, hahaha… Anyways, here it is: But first give the band some credit for their amazing original and the fun you will have with this tune, buy supporting them on their bandcamp site. ps check the label Wah Wah on Facebook, there are plenty more gems to discover. I found myself a fan at first glance. Expect this tune and the Hackney Colliery Band in this months YUM YUM top tunes (coming tomorrow:)

Enjoy this one and let the sunshine in..


Africa – Hackney Colliery Band (chromes yum yum edit)/low quality 128kbit

Download “Africa” in Good Quality (320kbit), click on the button below

Click on this button and you will get the high quality (320) version, when the link opens just press cmd+s, or save site in your browser, anyhow – very simple. You get it for free anyways, so pay with a tweet or a share on facebook, for this band its about exposure and people getting to know them & hopefully getting some gigs everywhere, so help in getting people to know them. We will do our best by letting djs play this gem at all our parties (YUM YUM and befriended acts, night, etc). So do your part, its one click that makes the difference.. Thank you all.

This song sweetened my day!

ps (stolen – lol) Artwork by my yum yum partner, Danny who is running the amazing bklyn blog (part of our YUM YUM network). this will fit right in, Danny!