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Now this one is a very personal post about some really good friends of mine which I’ve known for almost a decade and a half (yes, unfortunately I’m old enough to maintain friendships THAT long – lol, smiley face). Introducing: Susanne Blech!

Susanne Blech

If you’re happen to be German based and watch Circus HalliGalli on a regular basis, you may have seen them already jump out of Joko’s and Klaas’ closet last week or so. And since they are currently on tour you have the chance of seeing them perform live tonight in Munich!

Susanne Blech

Below you’ll find their current video for their song “Liebe neue deutsche Welle” which was partly shot in Rio as you can already tell by the gifs above.

They’ve been on tour for a couple of dates and all of them have been massive and sold out. I’ve been to the release show myself and the crowd just went straight mental. But don’t take my word for it and have a look at their Facebook page.


Don’t miss out on this one!! So with no further a due and with great pleasure it is, that I present to you: Susanne Blech!!